Come the singularity, I will be first against the wall

You can’t move at the moment for people hyping up Web 2.0 all over the interwebnet – this is the movement that basically says that the next generation of web technologies will all be in pastel colours, use “tags” a lot, be “collaborative” and “aggregative” and “clustered” and will involve “clouds” and “communities”, and for some reason, will all be written in Lisp and will have the letter “e” missing from their name. So far, it’s produced quite a lot of venture capital for very little result, flickr (a glorified, slow and difficult to use photo album) and “podcasting”, which is basically “putting MP3s online for people to download”. Revolutionary stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

You might detect that I’m not entirely convinced about this whole thing. Neither are the guys at Go Flock Yourself, a blog devoted to pointing out the retardedness of the whole Web 2.0 thang. It amused me for a few minutes, anyway.

2 Responses to “Come the singularity, I will be first against the wall”

  1. Jason says:

    WRONG! flickr is ace. It’s not slow, and it’s only difficult to use if you’re a fool.

  2. Gordon says:

    Hmmm Flickr can be slow, and can be a little less than obvious but I do think it’s the best of the ‘recent’ (it’s been going for over a year ya know) bunch of web based apps.

    Totally agree that there is a lot of hype but if you dig around there is some good stuff out there too…