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Cityscape – update 10

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Again, no pretty pictures this time, because there’s not actually anything to see. I’ve spent a few days refactoring things in Cityscape, and having completely broken and then unbroken pretty much everything, I’m about back to the point I was a week ago, but with (hopefully) a somewhat tidier and more sensible bunch of geometry generation functions. I’m still a bit unhappy about the number of parameters these things take, but it’s a tradeoff between how much the caller needs to figure out for itself and how much flexibility the callee offers.

I’ve essentially ripped out the entire box generation function, and replaced it with a far more sensible (and hopefully) simpler set of routines that builds a box out of a set of panels. The idea is that now I’ve got a function to build panels in a useful way, I can use it to build more interesting looking buildings with blank spaces on their faces; this should hopefully make the city look less uniform.

One thing that keeps biting me in the ass is XNA’s peculiar insistence on using a right-handed coordinate system; I spent a good while trying to get the panels to line up on my boxes because my brain basically just can’t deal with the idea that positive-Z comes out from the screen rather than going into it. I really, really don’t get why MS did that, and if anyone knows the story behind it, I’d love to know.

Anyway, you can pull down revision 27 from the repo if you fancy having a look at the new building generation stuff.