She’s Not Dead

Day three of the Week Of Gigs and tonight it’s She’s Not Dead supported by AVI. She’s Not Dead are my friend Mairi’s boyfriend’s band, and AVI are Mairi’s youth group’s band (she’s a youth leader). I actually did PA for AVI on their very first gig in a pub carpark in Congleton – and boy, have they improved in leaps and bounds since then. They play sort of teen-punk/rock stuff, but they’ve actually taken the time to practise and arrange the songs, throwing in the odd solo, vocal harmonies and the like: much better than I’d ever expect a youth group band to be.

But the stars of the night are undoubtably She’s Not Dead: the thing is, right, when someone describes their friends’ band as sounding like Muse, that usually means they’re a whiney sub-Radiohead clone who have ideas above their station – you don’t expect them to actually play bombastic classical-influenced prog/indie-rock with soaring vocals and huge Rachmaninov-style piano solos. But She’s Not Dead are just that: you know the last song on Absolution? The big bombastic enormous one that brings the album to a shuddering climax? Well, they sound like that. All the time. What I’m trying to say is that they’re a bit good.

They’ve got a website and, predictably enough, a MySpace thingy. Maybe not all bands on MySpace are horrible, then.

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  1. JV says:

    *looks at the Myspace page*

    Together we are stangers?