The Lunchtime Project

Having been utterly astonished to find that Orion Platinum works under VMWare, I’ve spent the last couple of lunchtimes fiddling around with it. The idea is that I give myself the half hour or so it takes to eat my sandwich to come up with… well, something. Anything, really. The products of the last couple of days are:

LWTUA – a terrible, terrible 90s-dance-ish “remix” of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, inspired by the directory of 30 or so covers of the aforementioned song on someone’s computer here at work.

A Nice Song – a very, very noisy drum’n’bass thing which might sound a bit like something Aphex Twin might come up with, if he were utterly devoid of inspiration and only had half an hour.

A hiphop loop – pretty self-explanatory, really. I downloaded the massive 60MB guitar sample set from Synapse, and then horribly under-used them by making them into a little broken chord riff thing and some crappy R’n’B style beats.

You should be able to tell from that lot that I have difficulty with a) inspiration and b) knowing where to take an idea once I’ve had it. But hey, should I ever find myself in the opposite position of having a verse/chorus/bridge/end of song and not a beginning, I’ll have a nice big folder full of handy ideas. Woo.

P.S. I’m not dead.

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