Apple iPhone

Some people shouldn’t be allowed near Photoshop. Seriously, though, if (a) the Apple iPhone actually exists and (b) looks like any of those (apart from the ones that are clearly ripped off existing phones) I will eat my shoe*.

* shoe may be same bread-shoe that will be consumed when the White Rose Movement fail to have a top-ten single by next March.

2 Responses to “Apple iPhone”

  1. Matt says:

    Actually, I quie like numbers 2, 29, 30 and 36.

    I think the iPhone does exist though. From what I hear.

  2. Little Stripy Cat says:

    It does? I remember a magazine doing the whole speculative story thing ages ago. MacUser or iCreate I cant be bothered to check which now… I have a New Product Development excersise to complete for my latest endeavors in becoming a qualified marketer and i may well use the iPhone as an idea