Genetic manipulation for fun and profit

Hypoallergenic kittens. You’ll note that, although they claim they’ve achieved their results through what is basically a selective breeding programme, they don’t tell you what they did with all the many hundreds and thousands of non-hypoallergenic kittens they will have invariably produced during the selective breeding process. Somewhere, in a river close to their office, are a very large number of brown burlap sacks.

“Allerca – We kill kittens so you don’t have to sneeze so much”

2 Responses to “Genetic manipulation for fun and profit”

  1. Anon. You know, the famous poet. says:

    So all you need to do is buy a male and a female, and for an investment of just 6 grand, you’re on your way to never having to do any proper work again…

  2. Little Stripy Cat says:

    Bet the antihistamine makers are furious.