That Mitchell and Webb Look

Best TV comedy in ages. Utter genius.

…and yes, it’s basically the same as the Radio 4 show they did, but that’s no bad thing because that was basically the best radio comedy in ages, too; and the sketches have been translated to TV really, really well. Okay, the Sir Digby Chicken Caesar sketch was a little weak, but the rest of the show was head and shoulders above pretty much everything else I’ve seen since, well, Peep Show.

And now Mock The Week has come on. Unfortunately, I can’t watch panel shows now, ever since Rob Brydon’s Anually Retentive. As a comedy series, it perhaps wasn’t as strong as it promised, but as a deconstruction of formulaic, derivative TV it was interesting. The upshot has been, however, that I can’t watch a panel show now without thinking about all the backstage/dressing room/production office bitching and backstabbing from Anually Retentive. Which kind of spoils it.

Anyway, for now: 4, 97, 34.8, 1, 1, 1 – that’s Numberwang!

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