Possibly against my better judgement (nominally because it’s all full of tags and socialness and web2.0 but actually because it’s likely to cause me to spend a lot of money on new CDs) I’ve joined The plugins and tools and things don’t seem 100% reliable but it’s surveying enough of my music to get a decent idea of my tastes, I think: at least, the music it’s played me based on the stuff it’s seem me listen to so far has mostly been good stuff. The forums and other people’s track listings seem to suggest that most of the world is listening to Death Cab For Cutie and the Arctic Cockmonkeys, but fortunately it so far hasn’t played those for me yet. Anyway, you should go and have a look at what I’ve listened to lately and use it to inform your future record purchases, because I have immacculate taste in music and your life can only be enhanced by it.

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