Sandi Thom

I heard Sandi Thom’s new ‘song’ on the radio at the weekend. I didn’t think she could go downhill from the excruciatingly awful “Punk Rocker”, but she’s managed it. Somebody please take her big book of astonishingly terrible songwriting cliches away from her before somebody gets hurt.

In other news, I went into Fopp today to buy the Captain album, and discovered not only the album, but the actual real-live band there doing a live set. Which was nice. It’s quite a good album – okay, it sounds as if no music has happened since Prefab Sprout, but at least it’s not Yet Another Post-Punk Garage Rock Band.

One Response to “Sandi Thom”

  1. CheesyRobMan says:

    I actually quite like Sandi Thom. Sorry.