Blerg II

Off work today with a nasty cold type thing. I hate colds; they make the dizziness from my labyrinthitis much, much worse. This, combined with the continuing palpitations and exciting variety of chest pains means I’m not in a terribly happy way today.

Which is a shame, frankly, because apparently we finally got approval from Hitmaker to release the conversion of Crazy Taxi 3, the game which has been the cause of so much stress and aggravation for me over the last few months. So, er, yay for that.

To cheer myself up, I bought Raw Spirit by Iain Banks. It’s a book all about his journey round Scotland, drinking lots of whisky and getting paid for it. Lucky beggar. (for what it’s worth, I’ve just finished reading Dead Air, also by Mr Banks, and thoroughly enjoyed it).

The Bee-Gees
I mean, really, how come no-one noticed that they’d managed to record every vocal take for this soulful baritone trio at half speed, so when played back at normal speed they ended up sounding like Alvin, Simon and Theodore on helium? Forget “Let It Be – Naked”, what we want is the Bee Gees songs as originally intended – slow, soulful ballads sung by three rich, chocolatey baritones.

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