Curious Windows Interdependency Of The Day

So, anyway. Visual Studio .NET on my work machine has always had this weird issue whereby if I abort a build halfway through, it will sit and hang for about 5 minutes before I can do anything else with it; likewise, if I alt-tab to or from it whilst debugging an application, it will hang for anything up to a minute, making debugging very frustrating and nearly impossible.

Well, anyway, today I was doing a cleanup of my machine and removed some joystick drivers I no longer needed. Magically, Visual Studio started working normally too. Probably the strangest bit of interdependence I’ve yet seen in Windows, that one. Hmm.

(in case anyone is having similar issues – which I doubt – the drivers were for a Gravis Xterminator Digital joypad, and removing the Gravis Xperience drivers seemed to be what made everything joyful and happy again.)

2 Responses to “Curious Windows Interdependency Of The Day”

  1. It probably had nothing to do with your joystick but the location of sunspots for the month. Check the small print, Visual Studio mentions sun sports, I’m sure.

  2. Sun Spots! Sun Spots! Sun Spots! Sun Spots! Sun Spots! Sun Spots!