I stumbled across Kyle via Sven and as soon as I saw he had posts entitled “Jesus Christ Does Not Want to Come Into Your Heart and Live” and “Jesus Christ is Not My Personal Lord and Savior. Or Yours.” I knew I was going to like him. I mean, he’s not perfect or anything – he claims not to be postmodern, but I think he’s probably just kidding himself there – and he’s really far too nice and generous about his past (point 2 on that link). But generally he seems an alright kind of guy and so he gets a place on the linkbar there.

He also turned up and left a comment on my post about heaven below after I added him to my link bar but without me leaving a comment on his blog or anything, which is nice, if a little spooky.


I’ve just come across this article and I think I’m going off him a little now.

One Response to “Kyle”

  1. Kyle says:

    Ha! You’re right. Upon further reflection, I think I really am postmodern, and I ought to change my little bio accordingly.

    Yah, I’m probably a bit spooky… You probably saw my little bit on not going to heaven for eternity, which was actually germane to the aforementioned conversation.

    Thanks for the link – and please understand that I wrote the ‘praise choruses’ piece on a dare… :0)