Produced and arranged

So, I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon arranging a song for someone from church. I actually got asked to do this just after Christmas, and I’ve had a rough backing track done for a month or two, but only got to record the vocal track – and thus get some idea about the direction of the finished song – two weeks ago and only got time to finish off the arrangement and slap it all together yesterday. I think it’s all gone quite well, given the decidedly amateur nature of the whole thing (the “vocal booth” was the office at church with an SM58, a pair of headphones and my laptop-cum-studio setup). I spent most of the time splicing together a single vocal track out of the seven or so takes we recorded – painstaking and slow work, but necessary because of the seat-of-the-pants nature of the recording.

I’m quite happy with the final track – it’s a bit Radio 2, but that’s the nature of the song I was given to work with. Unfortunately, I can’t put up a download of the song yet as it’s being done for a charity CD to raise money for Zambia – but if/when I can, I’ll let y’all hear it.

One Response to “Produced and arranged”

  1. CheesyRobMan says:

    What in Zambia are you raising money for? I’m curious cos my sister worked out there for 10 months in an orphanage.