Catching up with the God-blog-o-sphere-space-thing

I’ve not been paying too much attention to the Christian blog scene lately (other than following Richard and Sven‘s musings). Seems like I ought to be, though, because there’s lots of courting controversy and dangerous liberal postmodern stuff going on, and you know I love all that.

First of all, Michael Spencer poses the question of whether Paul really was all that perfect, and whether we need to temper our view of him.

Eric ‘leif’ Rigney has stopped calling himself a Christian. But it’s okay, he still believes it all. He just doesn’t like the label and the things that come attached to it in the greater public conciousness. Very interesting.

Finally, Real Live Preacher explains how he came to his conclusions about homosexuality. There’s actually a series of posts about this, and they’re all worth reading – his viewpoint closely mirrors mine, except he can express it far better than I.

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