Naomi and I went to Wales for the weekend. Yesterday, we walked a little way up Snowdon, which was very cold, but looked exceptionally pretty in the snow:

We stayed overnight on Anglesey, and today we did the obvious thing every tourist has to do when they go to Anglesey:

In other news, when did phone cameras suddenly get the point of almost-usability? I’m really quite impressed with those pictures, considering they were taken with my (free) phone. I’ve got about 70-odd (hopefully rather better) other pictures on my SLR, though – I haven’t sent any film off to Peak for ages, so I should have a load of new pictures to bore you all with soon…

3 Responses to “Wales!”

  1. Lyle says:

    What phone are you using?

  2. Chris says:

    It’s a Nokia N70. Got it as a free upgrade a couple of weeks ago because my 6600 didn’t work with my spangly new Palm TX

  3. Lyle says:

    Ah right, very fancy!

    And 2Mp camera – that helps too…