Bizarre office crazes

You know what I mean. Every so often, a craze will sweep round the office – be it making rubber band balls, or constructing bridges out of coins, or some sort of origami, or whatever. Every now and again a day will be wasted on some silly craze in the office.

Well, I think we’ve hit the pinnacle of weird in our office now: Ukeleles.

It all started the other week when Trav wanted something to do in his hotel room other than watching porn and staring blankly at the wall wondering why his life had come to the point where he was willing to live in a hotel for a week in exchange for working 7am-midnight for five days. So he wandered down to Forsyth’s on Deansgate and bought a £20 ukelele. It’s a nasty little thing – the tuning pegs aren’t geared so it goes out of tune faster than you can say ‘Aloha’ and the spacing of the frets is… dubious at best. But that didn’t stop every vaguely musical person in the office having a go and trying to get a halfway recognisable tune out of it.

And that’s where it should have ended. Except it didn’t. And other people have started buying them. The sound of “Duelling Banjos” plucked out on an out-of-tune instrument with only four strings rings around the office. And it shows no clear sign of ending.

Paul just mentioned buying a banjo. I think things may be getting out of hand.

2 Responses to “Bizarre office crazes”

  1. Andrew says:

    Entirely unrelated to this a colleague has just mentioned how he almost got to see the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain in Newbury. He claims that, based on their R4 performances, they’re very good.

  2. Good post. I just found this Origami-inspired Twitter icon at Digg, which you can use on your blog if it is running WordPress.