So, I’m a brainless sheep, emotionally manipulated and culturally shamed into believing that there’s something romantically significant about the day an arbitrary catholic saint was martyred.

Alternatively, I’ve been extremely busy at work, and my relationship with my girlfriend was suffering as a result, and the chance to take an evening off to cook a properly fancy meal and spend some actual time together was one not to be missed.

So, frankly I don’t care if you think I’m buying into some consumerist manipulative fraudery; we both had a fantastic time, and the food was extremely good (even if I do say so myself) and we got to spend some actual real time together rather than just collapsing in front of the TV.

2 Responses to “Unapologetic”

  1. Ulrike Hirsch says:

    Let romance live on. Glad you had a great night.

  2. CheesyRobMan says:

    The second reason is better. 🙂