Pre-valentines romantic(?) linkdump

Bunny puts it very well.

Romance might not be dead, but it’s definitely on its last legs.

Geeks! There’s no need to be afraid of girls!.

If you’ve never read Flatland: A romance of many dimensions, you should. It’s excellent.

Not got a partner for valentines day? Maybe one of these will help.

And if you’re a girl without a guy? Well, do as the Japanese do and treat yourself.

Heart shaped soap – but maybe not what you’re expecting…

Rinkworks (of Book-a-minute and Movie-a-minute fame) have a handy guide to being romantic for any of you struggling for ideas.

And, finally, if all this soft lighting and candles and champagne is getting to you, there’s always the fantastic Me-ish VD Card Selection.


2 Responses to “Pre-valentines romantic(?) linkdump”

  1. nayf says:

    The thing that makes me angry about that ASDA card is that they could have made it at least vaguely presentable by not splashing ‘ASDA SmartPrice’ ON THE FRONT OF THE CARD. What’s next, ‘Happy HALLMARK Birthday!’

    Actually… oh no. Forget I said that. I can suddenly see a wave of designer-branded cards hitting the shelves. No – I didn’t mean it! Don’t listen! Aaarrgggghh…

  2. Lori says:

    Bunny does indeed put it very well 🙂