Mew deserved a much better audience than they got. They were, as ever, fanastic – not content with stringing together an hour and a half of note-perfect renditions of their gorgeous, sweeping, glittering music in an almost unbroken set (in a manner not dissimilar to their latest album, in fact), they were backed with incredible (and often disturbing and downright odd) visuals for the entire set, perfectly synchronised to the music. It was the kind of music you really just wanted to stand there and absorb in an ethereal sort of way.

What a shame, then, that the audience were a complete bunch of tossers, at least 50% of whom appeared to have got lost on the way to a Ministry of Sound clubnight, and who seemed more interested in shouting to their mates about how they were “really dead pumped up and ‘avin’ it!” and taking photos of each other with their phones. Now, either Topper, Lori and myself are getting really old, or people have forgotten, en masse, that the main reason for going to a gig is to see, listen to and experience a band. I kind of almost think Mew might even be better playing a seated gig in a theatre-style venue – or maybe even an arena and given a Pink Floyd style staging budget. Anyway. It’s a shame that a bunch of morons can spoil what was otherwise an outstanding gig.

Bradford on saturday was a good laugh, even if the venue we played was pretty crappy (a decent size but a stupid, stupid shape) and the stage was far too small. But we had a lot of fun, the few people who turned up seemed to like us and some money got raised for WorldVision in Uganda which, I guess, is the main thing. Also, I have a newfound respect for touring bands; the day was over twelve hours from beginning to end and we were all utterly knackered by the end of it – the idea of going on and doing the same thing the following day, and the day after that, and that day after that… is just frightening, really.

I’ve just taken delivery of Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy for the PSP and Psychonauts for the XBox, so I may be away for a while.

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  1. Lori says:

    I emailed ‘Later…’ to ask if they could get Mew on the next series. They need more exposure so that they can fill the Apollo next time. That would be cool.