Gig week

Well, almost. I’m off to see some band or other called The Rakes this evening, who apparently are “Post-Libertines” and have a frontman trying to copy Ian Curtis. Nice to see originality isn’t dead yet, because there’s no other bands in the world trying to do that at the moment, oh no. The reason I’m going to see them is that a friend’s sister is the keyboard player for the support act, the White Rose Movement, and he’s got guest list places.

Wednesday is our band’s next live outing, although we still haven’t practiced with the drummer yet. Could be an interesting one.

Friday is Mew, assuming Ticket-“useless”-line actually get my tickets to me on time. There’s still tickets available if anybody else wants to come and see the Best Band In The World, Ever.

In other news: Ruth Kelly goes to court to give evidence against a man who threw eggs at her, and gets eggs thrown at her. You’ve gotta laugh at that.

One Response to “Gig week”

  1. Sven says:

    ‘trying to copy Ian Curtis’

    Doesn’t plan on a long career then I assume?