The Band

After our band’s last public performance (at the Altrincham Baptist monthly youth service in February) we made a pledge that we’d all try really hard to have a proper rehearsal at least once a week between then and our next gig, which is next wednesday.

So, tonight, we had our first rehearsal since that youth service. And the drummer still couldn’t make it. With that sort of commitment, we can’t fail to make it big time.

In other news, the A56 between Chorlton and Altrincham was crawling with police tonight; they’d pulled over hundreds of chavs in tricked out Corsas and Saxos. I can see why they’d race there – it’s a wonderful long, straight road – but there’s still loads of traffic, even at 10pm. C’mon boys, if you’re going to engage in illegal street races, try and at least keep it to times when there’s no-one else on the roads. Ta.

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  1. ulrike says:

    Thought I would reply to your comment on my blog here. Just to confuse matters. It’s the Deansgate store by Suburb. Please do come. I start on Tuesday. Liz Wall ne Ballinger says Hi.