The Absurd Hi-fi Product Review Generator

I’ve just spent a hugely productive hour or so waiting for test results, so I wrote The Amazing Hi-fi Product Review Generator to pass the time.

Behold the glory of the “Ultimate Mounting Tuner Cleanser Rest”, which will “give a massively rounder acoustic instruments whilst simultaneously softening fluffy mechanical noise and lowering cold static”!

Or how about the “Analog Fixating Pre-Amp Flattener” which will “create a noticably rounder bottom end and a vastly deeper high-end, while also reducing distasteful buzz”. How could you not want one, eh?

One Response to “The Absurd Hi-fi Product Review Generator”

  1. SharkyUK says:

    ‘The Ultimate Deresonating Turntable Resounder is simply unbelievable. It produces a hugely wider sense of realism and a massively wider frequency response, while also softening unwanted hum – just brilliant!’

    Now I’ve just *got* to get myself one of these. Do Richer Sounds stock them?