It’s all been quiet on the synchronicity front recently; last night’s was a doozy, though.

On my way to meet Naomi for the Juliet Turner gig; I’m sat on the bus, iPod on shuffle and apropos of absolutely nothing at all it’s playing a couple of songs by a band called Booley, who were a fairly obscure Northern Irish band who did the church hall circuit in the late 90s; they were also one of Naomi’s favourite bands ever.

We get into Life Cafe, and Naomi notices a guy hovering around the back of the bar who looks a bit familiar. “I’m sure he used to be in Booley, you know. Go on, ask him“, she presses. Cut to the chase; I ask him and not only was it The Bloke What Used To Be In Booley, but he was actually the support act for Juliet Turner, now going under the name Duke Special.

So, that was good.

Less good was the bit where Naomi got her cash card eaten by the Sainsbury’s Bank machine just opposite Cornerhouse, although we did get a good laugh at the guy who used the machine after us, despite repeated recommendations from ourselves that he didn’t:

“I wouldn’t use that, mate. It just ate my girlfriend’s card.”
“Yeah? You sure?”
“Um, yeah. She’s on the phone to her bank to cancel the card now. Really, I wouldn’t use it.”
“I think I’ll risk it.”
“I really don’t think you should. I hope you’ve got your bank’s phone number handy.”
[time passes]
“Uh, I guess that was a mistake, then.”
“Is it stuck on the ‘We’re processing your request’ screen?”
“Er, yeah.”
“I think you’d better phone your bank.”

Oh, how we laughed. Plus, the taxi driver on the way home was pure dead brilliant and made me laugh lots.

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