Things are moving quickly

Tomorrow will be my last day at Strangelite.

I begin at Transitive on the 1st December; however, I fly out to Tokyo for 10 days on Wednesday. Doug (my boss) figured that there was no point in making me come back in for a week when I came back, as I’m in between bits of work at the moment, and it would probably mean starting me on something and then me disappearing halfway through. So I’ve got the rest of November off as gardening leave. Which is nice.

Oh, yes, Tokyo. I don’t think I mentioned that in all the excitement. My brother is living there at the moment; it’s his birthday on the 13th, so I’m flying out to take him some marmite, ibuprofen (you can’t buy painkillers, apparently) and deodorant, and hopefully also take loads of photos, drink sake, go to a karaoke bar, ogle Japanese chicks, spend too much money in arcades, buy loads of videogame merchandise, see temples and save the world from an invading flying transforming robot army. The usual.

I went to look at cars at the weekend; I think I’m one of three people in the whole of the country who thinks the new Megane is a seriously stylish and good looking car. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them any cheaper, but I’ll book a test drive when I get back and we’ll see how it goes.

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