Things have been a bit quiet over the last few days. I’ve not really felt up to writing anything because this damned ear infection I’ve had for the last six months or so started playing up again.

Mostly, I just get a ringing noise in my ears constantly – you know, like, when you get home after going to a club or something, and there’s a high pitched whine in your ears? It’s like that, all the time. It was quite annoying at first, but over time, I’ve learnt to tune out and ignore it. I’d like it to go away, but I can live with it, and my hearing is still better than normal.

One of the other symptoms of the condition, though, is that I occasionally suffer from extended bouts of dizziness – often (more accurately) described as vertigo, as it’s apparently a neurological effect rather than physiological. I’ve not had a problem with it for a month or two now, but it came back big-style on Sunday morning, and hasn’t really improved up until now. It’ll probably gradually dissipate over the next week or two, if past episodes are anything to go by, but it’s not pleasant as there’s basically bugger all I can do about it.

The worst bit is trying to sleep, though, because my brain is getting at least one sensory signal telling it I’m still moving and therefore it won’t let me fall alseep. These bouts of dizziness therefore tend to coincide with bad insomnia. Lyle – you have my sympathies; insomnia sucks

I’ve been to the hospital to see a consultant in ENT, who basically just told me that I had labyrinthitis and it would probably go away eventually. I’ve been prescribed prochlorperazine to help with the dizziness, but it didn’t help much.

I’ve just joined our company health insurance policy, though, so I might try and find out if I can see a private consultant about it, because I can’t help feeling the NHS are fobbing me off on this one.


I can still windsurf like this, though, which is at least one good thing. And I’m in discussion with the place I go at lunchtime to buy one of their ex-rental boards and rigs. So life’s not all bad 🙂

4 Responses to “Labyrinthitis”

  1. jane says:

    I sympathise. My Mother has sufferd with ear problems and dizziness on and off for years, now she has tinnitus. Hope it clears up soon.

  2. Nayf says:

    I had prochlorperazine for an ear infection once – I kept getting dizzy and feeling nauseous. You’ll note among the more common side-effects of the drug is ‘dizziness and nausea’ 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    Yeah, I noticed that. Incidentally, nayf, your blog kind of breaks in IE – I get gaps in the text when I scroll up and down.

  4. Cat says:

    My other half managed to get a particularly evil dose of Labyrinthitis last year, which highly amused his family since one of his favourite films is the be-tightsed Bowie-fest that is The Labyrinth.

    Not sure he was so amused, as he was stuck in bed for a week feeling seasick every time he moved… Families, eh? 😉