Nokia: Mental

Someone’s obviously been feeding the designers over at Nokia a higher class of hallucinogen over the last few weeks.

Witness the spangly new 7600 imaging phone. It’s like they thought the 3650 wasn’t unusable enough, and decided to make it even worse. Sure, it looks quite nice, in a sort of self-conciously sci-fi sort of way, and it’s certainly got some jolly spangly features, but it’s certain to be a usability nightmare from hell. Plus, unless you look like a model from The Face or iD or something, you will look like a complete twunt whilst using it.

And if you thought that was bad, how about this. No-one in the world is going to buy one of these, let alone actually wear one. To say it would make you look stupid is somewhat akin to saying that Alpha Centauri isn’t a convenient place for a weekend break. They called it the Medallion, for goodness sake. Did they do any market research on that one? Mention the name, and people will instantly think of chest wigs, the 80s and all the horrors that entails. What conceivable useful purpose can this thing serve? Absolutely none. Zilch. Zip. Unless, that is, you want to look like a reject from a low-budget sci-fi series.

That said, I do think these Image Frames are quite a nice idea; I’ve got a few photos around my desk and it’d be nice to be able to change them at the touch of a button rather than faffing around which a picture frame.

2 Responses to “Nokia: Mental”

  1. Lori says:

    Aside from the name, the Medallion seems like a product for women, but even then I can’t see many people being stupid enough. The Image Frame looks good though.

  2. Lyle says:

    Jesus, that new Nokia phone’s fugly. Mind you, I’ve never been a fan of Nokia anyway, so it’s hardly a shock. As for the Medallion – ick ick ick. Although I dispute your claim that no-one will buy one because it’ll make you look stupid. As an illustration of this, m’lud, may I present the current trend in what appear to be towelling shell-suits with ‘sexy’ or whatever embroidered on the arse. About as cool and sexy as David Icke in a sauna.