The Great British Public

I was watching Gone in 60 seconds on ITV1 just now. I’m sorry, but sometimes I just want to watch a bad film.

Anyway, as is the way with films these days, it was interrupted by the news. I’ve not watched the ITV news for a long time, and I was reminded of why tonight. During the section on GM food (which in itself is a topic which tends to cause me to rant about the Great British Public’s astonishing ignorance of all things scientific), they canvassed opinions from people in some supermarket or other. One of the people interviewed opined that:

    “the way I see it, we’ve only got two options – we either grow food naturally, or we grow food organically”

Look, if you very clearly know nothing about a particular subject, then keep your mouth shut. Please. You’ll only make yourself look foolish otherwise.

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