It be Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yarr, and all that.

Now, when it was first announced, this seemed like a really good idea. Pirates of the Carribean was out, and the whole b3ta board was full of people saying “yarr!” a whole lot, and it produced a few funny photoshops of kittens and such in pirates hats. Pirates were cool – well, we knew this anyway, but now we had Johnny Depp on our side, and we had polar bears with eyepatches, too. That was all well and good.

However, as with all initially-amusing-but-quickly-tired memes, world+dog soon found out, and so, like that bloody joke about dyslexic dwarves, before long every single person on the planet had heard about it from at least 8 indepenent sources. And then it hit the blogs, and now every bastard freaking blog in the entire world is written entirely in piratespeak, and it’s really quite annoying now, thank you very much. I think the original intention was for people to speak like a pirate, anyway, not write like one.

I think I’m going to propose a new law. We’ll call it “Parm’s First Law of Meme Propogation”. It goes:

    Once a meme is reported in the mainstream media, it may be assumed that:

    1. Everyone in the world has seen it already, and
    2. Everyone in the world is sick of it already.

There’s a couple of corollaries, too:

  • The same conclusions may be drawn if your parents forward you the meme.
  • The same conclusions may be drawn if someone outside of the community in which the meme originated writes about it in their blog.

Anyway, this isn’t a blog, as you well know, so I’m exempt from the second corollary. Yarr, me hearties.

One Response to “Yarr”

  1. Jez says:

    Aww dry your eyes Chris… in any case – talk like a pirate day is over now and you can sleep easy once more without that manic oppressed dwarf jumping up and down inside your head!