I just went windsurfing in my lunch hour. This place is about 20 minutes drive from my office, so I figured I could get there, sail for an hour and get back inside of the two hours that normally constitutes our lunch ‘hour’ here. I normally go to Trafford Watersports Centre in Sale, but they have crappy boards, not many sails and unpredictable wind there, and it’s always chock full of scallies tipping each other in the lake out of canoes.

Sail Sports, on the other hand, have a much better selection of boards (including the rather nice Hifly Matrix I was just on), some nice big sails, no scallies, more predictable wind (by virtue of being in the middle of open countryside, rather than next to a bloody great motorway), and some quite cute members of staff. The wind wasn’t exactly blowing its nads off or anything, but it was enough warrant a harness and I got planing once or twice with just a 6.0m sail. Apparently it might be a bit more blowy tomorrow…

Of course, the upshot of all this is that I’m going to be spending all afternoon looking for board/rig prices on the internet now, and wondering whether to put that graduate loan the bank keep offering me to some use 🙂 Anyone know anybody selling a second hand Bic Techno or Starboard Carve 131?

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