The Universe

So, I was out a-wandering yesterday, listening to the Scientific American podcast talking about Einstein and quantum theory and how the Universe may be fundamentally non-local in a way that would upset both Einstein and Niels Bohr, and the presenter said: “The Universe is a strange place”. Which led to me thinking: no, actually. The Universe is not a strange place. It is, almost by definition, the exemplar model of something that is ordinary and normal. There ain’t nothing more ordinary than, well, everything. It’s our models of the Universe that are strange, surely?

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One Response to “The Universe”

  1. Jason says:

    Mm. The Cambridge Dictionary says strange means these things:

    * Unusual
    * Unexpected
    * Difficult to understand
    * Unfamiliar

    Three out of four of those are true of the universe, so ‘strange’ seems a perfectly good word!