A few people have pointed out that I haven’t said why we’re going to Cambridge. There’s no big story to tell, really, other than that I got itchy feet and fancied a change, and what with our failure to buy a house last year, we sort of figured we were free to think about whether we wanted to stay in Manchester or elsewhere. So I started casting around for new jobs and a friend pointed me to one in Cambridge which I applied for but didn’t get; but I decided I liked Cambridge and so starting hunting for others. Plus, I’m a bit of a country boy anyway, and I’ve got roots and family in East Anglia so that part of the world makes sense. And it’s only an hour out of Kings Cross on the train should we feel the need to go and inhale some smog for a while.

So, I’m quite excited – I start in about three weeks and Naomi will hopefully be joining me at the end of July, assuming we’ve found somewhere to live. Lovely.

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