Play Digital

So, Play have this amazing new service for not buying music. What you do, right, is you go to the “Play Digital” section, pick an album or some songs that you don’t want, add them to your shopping basket, enter your credit card details, and magically, they take the money off you and don’t give you the music that you picked.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and this didn’t seem entirely right to me either, but I’ve since phoned them twice and twice been assured that the content would be available for download “in an hour or so”, and both times, on returning to their download site, the music has still been unavailable for download, so I can only assume that taking your money for nothing in return is in fact the desired functionality of the service.

So, if you fancy pissing all your money away into a big pit in exchange for absolutely jack shit, feel free to go and try Play Digital. Or, alternatively, use a download service that actually works.

One Response to “Play Digital”

  1. JoeH says:

    Were you trying to buy ‘Money for Nothing’?