All valentines meals should end with a trip to A&E

So, apparently, right, if you get a tiny 1cm long seabass bone lodged in the back of your throat, this is a serious medical emergency and entails a trip to A&E, X-rays, cameras stuck up your nose, various metal things shoved in your mouth, threats of theatre and general anaesthetic, and lots and lots of retching whilst a weary looking ENT specialist pokes the back of your throat with what look like a pair of forceps (except smaller, but – I swear – not that much smaller).

Fortunately, we got the bone out – and then promptly lost it again, but I definitely saw it, and he stuck the endoscope up my nose again (without anaesthetic, I noted – someone wanted to go home) and checked, so we’re reasonably sure it’s gone.

Anyway, it’s annoying and frustrating that something so tiny can throw an evening out of kilter, and I didn’t even get beyond the first mouthful of my martini. I hope our second married valentine’s day goes somewhat better than the first did.

Naomi did get to read a good chunk of the book she got for Christmas, though, so it’s not all bad.

4 Responses to “All valentines meals should end with a trip to A&E”

  1. Ali says:


    I don’t suppose that finishing the Martini was an option, but it might have washed the bone out, or at least made the nasal exploration less uncomfortable…

  2. Simpo says:

    Lol, that’s really funny…sorry 😉

  3. SharkyUK says:

    Ouch! Next year will be much better… just don’t order BBQ ribs…