Doug Walker

So, after many years of plugging away at the old music business thing, it looks like things are finally going Dougie’s way: he handed a copy of his new single to Chris Moyles on monday morning, and got his first play(s) on Radio 1 very shortly afterwards. As a result, he’s made his first music video (here, and featured on the frontpage of YouTube today), attracted loads of media interest, got himself a manager and is apparently talking to a bunch of label types. Good on him; he deserves it.

(background: I used to go to the same church as Doug, and have played with him on a few occasions over the years; he’s a thoroughly lovely bloke and he’s been working dead hard at the music thing for ages now so it’s great that it looks like he’s finally got his big break)

2 Responses to “Doug Walker”

  1. TomW says:

    ‘Texan spiders spin ‘monster web”

    Not the sort of music video I was expecting. I’ll give you that…

  2. Pete Woodman says:

    Yes, let’s hope that he’s finally got the break into the big time that he deserves.

    There’s a video of the song’s first outing at the Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester at