Sony ‘cuts price’ of PS3

Sony have finally noticed that no-one’s buying their shiny black turd, and have figured out that maybe it’s because it costs a stupid amount of money – and amount for which you could buy an XBox 360 and a decent number of games, or a Wii and a DS and a couple of games for each. Or a new house, or something. So, in response to massive consumer lack-of-demand, they’ve finally cut the price, so all they have to do now is wait for the sales to ramp up and they can all get their christmas bonuses.

Except, they haven’t cut the price at all. Look:

Before 20GB PS3 $499
60GB PS3 $599
After 60GB PS3 $499
80GB PS3 $599

Yeah, because what was really stopping everyone buying a PS3 was the fact that the hard disc wasn’t big enough. Riiight.

Of course, all this means squat in the UK where only the 60GB model is available anyway, costs £425 (over £100 more than the equivalent US price), and for which no price cut has been announced. My bet? They replace the 60GB model with the 80GB, and maybe, if we’re lucky, drop the price to £399. But don’t bank on it.

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