Fun with kites

So, inspired by this, I attached my old cameraphone to one of my ever-increasing collection of kites (a little diamond-shaped single line thing), set it to timer mode and snapped some pictures, and this is what came out:

…and all the rest

For those who are interested in mechanics and things like that, I spent about 15 minutes buggering around trying to figure out how to attach the camera to the kite such that it would still fly: the problem turned out to be that I was hanging it off the bottom, which is wrong. Hanging stuff off the bottom means that the kite is being pulled vertical – and in order to take off, the kite has to be angled into the wind, like a wing. Ideally, you want the phone suspended such that the force due to the weight of the phone is directly inline with the piece of string between you and the kite, as this will have no effect on the angle of the kite. My kite has a line between the centre of the kite to the base, and you attach the handle-line to the middle of that – suspending the camera from that point seemed to work best.

Anyway, considering the considerable lack of high-tech equipment involved, I’m quite pleased with the results.

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