Birthday advice

The good thing about birthdays is that everyone is usually nice to you and some even give you presents; the down side is you’re a tad older
than you were yesterday. Hope you have a really good day. Dad.

I dunno, that just seemed to chime perfectly with the mood of wistful melancholy I’ve been in for the last couple of days. I blame Neil sticking several days worth of Daniel Kitson bootleg MP3s on the network.

So, yes, I’m 28, which is the last perfect age I will ever be, unless medical science really, dramatically improves within the next half-century or so. Lots of people have wished me happy birthday on my facebook, which on one hand is quite cheery; on the other, you know that it’s just because on their facebook it’s popped up a little thing to say “Birthdays today: Chris” and they were bored at work or something, and that sort of cheapens the whole thing slightly.

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