Best wikipedia story ever.

So, this 24-year old college kid from Kentucky rocks up on Wikipedia, proclaims himself to be a tenured professor of religion at a private university and starts making edits all over the place and eventually works himself up to an administrative position where he can arbitrate between authors. And the most amazing part is that he did it all whilst using “Catholicism for Dummies” as his reference – and apparently nobody noticed.

Wikipedia: where knowledge and experience is no substitute for shouting louder and longer than everyone else.

4 Responses to “Wikipedia”

  1. Ali says:

    There goes all my hope of teaching with Wikipedia. Still, it is kind of funny…

  2. Richard McIntosh says:

    I have found some of the theology pages to be a bit suscpect on wikipedia. Not due to acuary per se but rather people, a lot of times mormons, putting there pet theory as if it is the recieve d academic opinion.

    this story is interesting about wikipedia

    maybe it would be a better way of doing it. Only allowing students of subjects to write on wikipedia.

  3. Richard McIntosh says:


    I am Richard McIntosh Ba Bsc MA Mth MSc Phd DD

  4. chris says:

    The Right Reverend Richard McIntosh Ba Bsc MA Mth MSc Phd DD, shurely? 🙂