Top Gear vs America

Seeing as there are going to be more complaints about this programme than any other in the history of television, ever, I’d just like to make it known that I thought that it was brilliant, hilarious and one of the best pieces of TV in a long time. BBC: More of this sort of thing, please.

2 Responses to “Top Gear vs America”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hear hear!

  2. Proogs says:

    No. More of the same would dilute the impact of this one. The good thing about the show was that it was delightfully un-PC in a forced, PC world. (Where in the world? Erm.)

    Anyway. Yes, it was funny, even if it was set up. And why is this box that I’m typing in so small? I can’t even resize the window! Hmm.