With today’s announcement of “Ubuntu Satanic Edition“, which essentially just ordinary plain ol’ Ubuntu except with 5 .pngs with some flames on, a critical point has been reached: that of the number of forks of Ubuntu having equalled the number of all other Linux distributions combined:

If this projected growth continues, there will be more Ubuntu forks than Ubuntu users by summer next year, more forks than computers by next Christmas and in two years’ time, forks of Ubuntu will have replaced hydrogen as the most abundant substance in the universe.

Ubuntu forks include:

  • Kubuntu – Ubuntu with added KDE
  • Edubuntu – Ubuntu with, uh, educational stuff
  • Xubuntu – Ubuntu with Xfce
  • Fluxbuntu – Ubuntu with Fluxbox
  • Scibuntu – Scientific Ubuntu
  • Xevian – Ubuntu with Xfce but in no way like Xubuntu at all
  • Devubuntu – Ubuntu for developers, because apparently you can’t install gcc on normal Ubuntu, or something
  • Ichthux – A “Christian” Ubuntu distribution, presumably for people with a lithp
  • Ubuntu Christian Edition – Go on, guess

It is very important to note that these are all very definitely worthy separate distributions and in no way could most of them be replaced by a single package installed on top of the original Ubuntu. Yes. Uncyclopedia has a more comprehensive list.

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