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My future wife

Monday, October 9th, 2006

It pleases me no end that the number 1 search result hitting my website for the last two months is “KT Tunstall”. Proof, if proof be needed, that we are destined to be together. That, and she recorded her new album on Skye, from whence my favourite whisky ever comes. Look, it’s just fate, alright?

Also, if Naomi gets Richard Hammond, I’m allowed KT Tunstall, okay?

How many of these have you read?

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

The Top 50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals.

I’ve read, uh, one of them, and that’s “What’s so amazing about grace?” – and to be fair, it did shake me up a bit at the time, insofar as it prompted me to reassess the important parts of my beliefs and ultimately leave the church I was going to at the time.

Of the rest, I think there’s maybe one – Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis – that I actually regret having not read, although I feel I probably ought to read the Bonhoeffer, too, and I’ve got a feeling I’ve got at least one Corrie ten Boom book on my shelf, unread, somewhere. But other than that, I can’t say I feel my walk with God is any way impeded by not having read toss like “Left Behind” or some godawful poorly informed pseudo-science apologetics book.


Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl sold 1,586,360 units in its first four days of sales over in Japan.

I’ll say that again: 1.6 million units in four days in one country. That’s… a lot.

Steve Irwin

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Normally, I don’t like Christians appropriating secular/global events and trends to try and “send a message” – invariably because it’s something along the lines of “Cultural Event X Is Significant Of God’s Love Because Of This Tortuous Analogy And Therefore You Should Give Your Life To Jesus”. But Brian McLaren has written about the sad death of Steve Irwin is a way that’s both a proper tribute to Steve and speaks about how we should view God’s Creation.

I don’t recall Steve speaking of God much. But every time he said, “Isn’t that a little beauty!” I think he was speaking for God, the One who notices and loves the smallest goodness of every created thing. The look on his face when he sat with an orangutan or swam with a green sea turtle or let a lizard perch on his finger – that look in itself was a sign and a wonder.

Amen to that.

Microsoft kill babiestrees

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

So, one of the great things about the XBox 360 is the XBox Live Arcade marketplace: you can download trial versions of small arcade-style games (usually puzzle games, card games, shoot ’em ups and the like) and, if you like them, you can pay a small amount to unlock the full thing.

Wait – did I say ‘pay’ a small amount? Well, actually what you do is you buy “Microsoft Points” and use these to pay for the games. It’s a particularly cunning ruse, because you can only buy these points in multiples that don’t correspond to the number of points required to buy anything.

Well, anyway. You can buy these points online through your XBox Live account – but that way, you can only use your credit card, not a debit card. But no fear! You can go to a high street shop and buy a card with a code on it which you can enter into your XBox 360 and it will charge up your account with 2100 Microsoft Points. The cards look like this:

They’re exactly credit card sized, which is handy if you… uh… routinely keep one-time use credit-card sized things in your wallet, or something. Anyway, apparently Microsoft are concerned that these cards are too small and don’t look impressive enough or something, because rather than just getting the card, it comes stuck to a piece of paper, inside a case that looks like this:

And for comparison:

Yes, that’s a full DVD-sized case, for a single credit-card sized piece of paper with a silvery scratchcard strip on the back. And as if that wasn’t stupid enough, yet – behold! The interior of the case:

Yes, that’s right. There isn’t even a spindle inside, so you can’t use it as a case for a DVD you don’t have a case for. It’s a completely useless, superfluous piece of injection moulded plastic.

Maybe Microsoft and Nintendo can come to some sort of arrangement?

If you do one thing this week

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Get “Jump in my Car” by The Hoff to #1. The Hoff Alert has been sounded. Get out there and buy, buy, buy!

Apple iPhone

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Some people shouldn’t be allowed near Photoshop. Seriously, though, if (a) the Apple iPhone actually exists and (b) looks like any of those (apart from the ones that are clearly ripped off existing phones) I will eat my shoe*.

* shoe may be same bread-shoe that will be consumed when the White Rose Movement fail to have a top-ten single by next March.


Monday, October 2nd, 2006


100 %TRUE STORY a woman passed this picture of a rainbow on to her friend and THAT VERY DAY her friend didn’t catch cancer or get HIT BY A BUS!!!! ANOTHER woman DIDN’T pass this picture on and TWO DAYS LATER ALL HER BEST FRIENDS STOPPED TALKING TO HER AND HER DOG EXPLODED!!11!! YOU MUST PASS THIS ON! OR, BAD THINGS MAY HAPPEN!11!!

Yes, it’s a pretty rainbow over Manchester city centre; it cheered me up, anyway.