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I have a cold…

Monday, September 6th, 2010

…so apparently, that means I write jazz/hip-hop/improv things:

Jazz hip hop improv thing by cawhitworth

It’s very rough and ready, and there’s wrong notes and duff timings aplenty, but the piano part was recorded in one take along with pressing the buttons to bring the various backing parts in and out, and it’s totally unedited and the whole thing only took about an hour to put together, on and off, so you’ll have to forgive me for that.

I totally recorded a song!

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Well, a backing track for one, anyway. It sounds a bit worship-songy, but without any lyrics it’s kind of hard to say what it is. You can listen to it by clicking here.

In case you care, gear list:

  • Guitar – Epiphone ’56 Gold Top Les Paul
  • Amp – Line 6 Spider IV, mic’d with a Shure SM58
  • Bass – Aria ProII (not amped – through a cheap Behringer DI)
  • Mixer – Behringer Xenyx (used as a mic pre-amp)
  • Audio interface – Edirol UA5
  • Audio software – Orion by Synapse Audio
  • Synths – Toxic 2 (from Orion)
  • Drums – Addictive Drums by XLN Audio (demo version!)

All recorded and mixed in an afternoon, and it kinda shows, but I like it anyway.

BBC Sound of 2009

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

I aten’t dead! And to prove it, here are some mini-reviews of the acts that form the long-list for the BBC Sound of 2009

  • The Big Pink: Glasvegas with synthesizers and drum machines. Which ought to be
    alright, but it leaves me a bit cold.
  • Dan Black: 80s electro-pop. There’s going to be a lot of this in 2009,
  • VV Brown: 50s pop. Entertaining and the single Crying Blood is decent, but will
    probably be pretty disposable.
  • Empire of the Sun: Very, very 1980s synthpop. Done well enough and not actually
    that objectionable to listen to, but you have to wonder why they bothered,
    given that the 80s already happened, and that.
  • Florence and the Machine: Wants to be Kate Bush. Probably isn’t, but hard to
    judge from the one song on the BBC’s website.
  • Frankmusik: Like Calvin Harris meets The Killers. Insanely, ridiculously
    catchy, self-conciously fashionable and has the kind of face that would look
    really, really great on the end of a fist. Guaranteed to be huge.
  • Kid Cudi: Hip-hop. I am ill-qualified to pass judgement on this genre, but it
    doesn’t sound like anything new.
  • La Roux: Prince, except with a girl on vocals. Hell, the single even sounds
    like When Doves Cry.
  • Mumford & Sons: Quick! Someone find me another band that sound exactly like
    Noah and the Whale! It seems the public are suckers for half-assed novelty
  • Passion Pit: An annoying version of Bent, if they’d been listening to Battles.
  • Master Shortie: British hip-hop. Actually, fairly interesting. Likeable in the
    same sort of way Dizzee Rascal is.
  • Lady GaGa: A “hip New York party princess” who went to the same school as Paris
    Hilton. That’s all you need to know.
  • White Lies: File under Interpol or Editors. Particularly Editors. Catchy.
    Remains to be seen if they’ve got more than a single in them. Worrying
    propensity for swirly synths. If their album sounds like the single, I’d buy
  • The Temper Trap: Early U2. Uber-delayed guitars, 3-3-2 rhythms, lots of
    tom-rolls on the drums, picked bass. Far from terrible, but not exactly

So there you go: Next year’s hottest music, comprehensively dismissed as being a bit “meh” by a man who is rapidly approaching 30 and wants the world to know it.