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This isn’t a blog

Wednesday, August 13th, 2003

I’ve sworn to myself that I’m never going to keep a blog. So, this isn’t it.

There’s been an irregularly updated journal on my main website for some time now, but it was mostly filled with self-indulgent whinging and tedium about my daily life. I’m going to, as far as possible, keep that sort of stuff out of here. I hope. Occasionally stuff may spill over, but feel free to chastise me in the comments section if I do. I’ll ignore you, but chastise away anyway.

Instead, this is just going to be a place for me to write about stuff that I have on my mind. Think Scaryduck or Lori Smith, only less good, probably.

One other thing – the software for this not-blog is all my own code, and it’s probably bugged to hell and back. The comments system was hacked up in an hour this afternoon, and should be protected from satan^H^H^H^H^Hmost user attempts to break it.